myNalanda Teacher Skills Analytics
Save minimum 8 Lacs each year
Conduct teacher appraisals on core teaching
skills than on compliance checks
Manage large teaching staff with greater
skills visibility
Promote your school brand and leadership
with skills-data
Give your school a strategic advantage
over others
Groom teachers without compromising
quality and cost
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Teacher Skills Analytics

Teacher Skills Analytics is the most scientific and comprehensive way to understand the skill-set of your teaching staff. It profiles each teacher on 18 core teaching skills. Besides the insights on individual teacher, Teacher Skills Analytics builds trends and in-depth analytics at complete staff level. This trend analytics is mapped to teachers’ performance, school budget, attrition risk and cost, processes, and school culture and values. This empowers school leaders to take effective and data-driven decisions that can accelerate school’s growth.

Benefits of Teacher Skills Analytics​

Advanced and smoother teacher appraisals based on core teaching skills

Enhanced staff management with higher skill visibility and accountability

Increased teaching quality that focuses on developing future skills in students

Focussed grooming of teachers

Higher returns on the investment

More cost saving avenues

Why Choose Us


Most comprehensive and authentic analytics based on skills that uses proven scientific methods and data analytics technology.


Team with an expertise in data analytics to unearth trends on teachers’ skills and expertise in assessments on 18 core teaching skills.

Value for Money

The returns on investment in our skills analytics solution far outweigh the cost of the solution.

Distinctly better than Competitors

Most competitors conduct topic-level assessments and stop. myNalanda assesses core skills, analyses them, and provides actionable solutions with complete visibility into the root causes.


“Teacher Skills Analytics has helped us to review and revise our school policies and teaching methods.”                                             – Director, A 50-year old CBSE school in Delhi
“We could understand the root causes of the conflicts in our teaching staff. myNalanda team also recommended the possible strategies to address the issue with each of its pros and cones.”  – Principal, One of the oldest ICSE school in Mumbai
“While we knew the nature of the complaints about a teacher, myNalanda’s skills analytics gave us the specific skill that was faltering teacher’s performance. Knowing which skill to work on, teacher could improve on her performance and the complaints subsided.”                                                                        – Principal, A well-known CBSE school on Sarjapura Road, Bangalore
“While we always focussed more on investing into student-focussed resources, Teacher Skills Analytics has happened to be a wiser investment that is helpful for teachers and management.”  – Founding Director, A new-age CBSE school in Hi-Tech City Area, Hyderabad
“Most comprehensive and professional analysis of my teachers’ skills. This is our 2nd year of using Teacher Skills Analytics as our teacher appraisal.”                                                                          – Principal, A top-ranking ICSE school in South Mumbai

Process of Teacher Skills Analytics


Inputs are collected on 18 skills using three methods – Test, Feedback, and 1-2-1 discussion. Test and feedback are online. Feedback is collected on each teacher from all students, parents, teachers, and principal.


Data analysis and trend building using statistical and data analytics methods – both at individual teacher level and complete school level.

Reports and consultation​

Reports and consultation at individual teacher level and complete school level. They include strategic inputs and recommendations on quality, attrition, cost, processes, and school culture.


Manmeet Kaur
R Developer & Data Analyst
Manoj Potdar
Founder Director & Head - Marketing & Sales
Dr. Manisha Potdar
Founder Director & Head - Research & Operations
Shubham Deshmukh
Data Analyst & Developer
Aishwarya Umashankar
Business Development Executive

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