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Teacher Skills Analytics

What is Teacher Skills Analytics

Teachers are the fundamental building blocks on which the entire school stands. Quality of learned students is the direct results of the teachers’ skills. To have such teachers, schools spend up to 70% of their operational expenses on teachers’ salaries every year. Yet, there is a very minimal insight into the core teaching skills of each teacher that they bring to the school. This leads to severe issues related to staff management, grooming, teaching quality, and teacher attrition. Teacher Skills Analytics helps you to address these issues and more.

Teacher Skills Analytics is the most scientific and comprehensive way to understand the skill-set of your teaching staff. It profiles each teacher on 18 core teaching skills. Inputs are collected on each of these skills using 3 different methods – test, feedback, and 1-2-1 discussion. Compared to the prevalent method of sampling to collect feedback, inputs are collected on each teacher from each student, parent, and teacher and from principal. This removes any biases and builds authentic insights on skills.

Besides the insights on individual teacher, Teacher Skills Analytics builds trends and in-depth analytics at complete staff level. The insights from the skills and trend analytics are mapped to teachers’ performance, school budget, attrition risk and cost, processes, and school culture and values. Decisions based on this intelligence can make or break school’s growth. These insights are shared as reports, recommendations, and consultation to bring out the best strategies for school growth.

Process of Teacher Skills Analytics

Phase 1
Inputs are collected on 18
skills using three methods –
Test, Feedback, and 1-2-1
discussion. Test and feedback
are online.
Feedback is collected on each
teacher from all students,
parents, teachers, and

Phase 2
Data analysis and trend
building using statistical and
data analytics methods – both
at individual teacher level and
complete school level.

Phase 3
Reports & Consultation
Reports and consultation at individual teacher level and complete school level. They include strategic inputs and recommendations on quality, attrition, cost, processes, and school culture.

How schools are using Teacher Skills Analytics

To conduct advanced and smoother teacher appraisals

To manage large teaching staff effectively by gaining in-depth skills insights

To manage attrition and save cost by early identification of possible attrition

To enhance school brand by showing the school leadership and skills development at school

To review school policies for their effectiveness and for need of their revision

To groom teachers by gaining in-depth insights into their skills and their individual triggers

What you get from Teacher Skills Analytics

As a part of Teacher Skills Analytics, you get following ready-to-act intelligence in the form of reports, recommendations, and consultation.

Convinced about Teacher Skills Analytics or have queries?

Benefits of Teacher Skills Analytics

Advanced and smoother teacher appraisals

Enhanced staff management

Increased teaching quality

Focused grooming of teachers

Higher returns on the investment

More cost saving avenues