About Us

Who we are

We help the schools run efficiently by providing them ‘ready-to-act’ intelligence.

myNalanda is a research-based services company working in the field of education analytics. We are focused on empowering school leaders and management with data-driven and ‘ready-to-act’ intelligence to reduce operational cost, improve teaching quality, and increase teachers’ productivity. For this, we have two solutions, Teacher Skills Analytics and Student Skills Analytics.

myNalanda uses comprehensive and scientific assessments that involves all stakeholders in a school. These assessments are conducted to collect vital evidences on key skills and areas that impact a school at monetary, quality, people, and process levels. Our patented data analytics models unearth the hidden trends and bring out ready-to-act intelligence. This empowers the school leaders and management to take informed and effective decisions, faster! When school management takes effective decisions, the effects are visible in quality, people, cost, and school brand.


To be known as a global leader that helps schools and teachers to accelerate their growth and let students realize their skills early on in life to lead happy lives.


To empower schools, teachers, students, and parents with factual and actionable intelligence on skill development by using data analytics technology to create early discovery of strengths and to create growth opportunities for schools and their stakeholders.

Who we work with

We work with English-medium private schools across the academic boards that: