How successful schools are using Teacher Skills Analytics

As a school leader, have you ever wondered if the salary you are investing in your teachers is giving you right returns that you desire? Whether the results of your school actually reflect the full potential of the teachers? Are the teachers being trained to be better overall or are they completing their tasks mechanically? Are there more opportunities to save cost without compromising the current quality? These and many other questions challenge school leaders across the academic boards.

Solution to these questions lies in where school leaders spend most of their time, efforts, and money – that is teachers. School leaders of major successful schools gain ‘ready-to-act’ insights and intelligence to these questions using Teacher Skills Analytics. Before we look into how successful schools use Teacher Skills Analytics, let us understand in brief what Teacher Skills Analytics is.

Teacher Skills Analytics is a comprehensive & scientific way to run a school in terms of teacher performance, cost, and teaching staff management. It uses the data analytics technology to measure and analyze the core teaching skills and connect them to quality, cost, and productivity. The skills include but are not limited to a) Teaching Orientation, b) Attitude towards new learning, c) Attitude towards new teaching methodology, d) Attitude towards personal growth e) Evaluation skill, f) Motivation skill, g) Job satisfaction, and 11 more skills.

How successful schools are using Teacher Skills Analytics

Now, let us understand how successful schools are using Teacher Skills Analytics. The following topics share one or more ways the successful schools use Teacher Skills Analytics to achieve their growth and stay in the leadership position.

Grooming of Teachers

Successful schools group the teachers as per their training needs by using the Teacher Skills Analytics. It benefits them as the report (from Teachers Skills Analytics) clearly provides the training needs of each teacher in the school. Further, it takes into account what schools needs in short & long terms, thereby prioritizing time and budget for better use and for more favorable results. This also motivates the teachers as they are groomed in specific areas.

Advanced Appraisals

The current system of appraisal in many schools is very basic. Schools use different methods for appraisals, but most of them use it as a simple process to review experience, qualification, students results, and process compliance to consider appraisals. Some schools try to measure factors like lesson planning, completion of portion, class attendance, and punctuality. These could have been splendid criteria 10 years ago. But now, teachers need to be assessed on skills which are at par with the times.

Successful schools have been at par with the times to get clear view on the individual teachers skills which provides an opportunity for the school leader to provide an advance appraisals to their teachers. The availability of actionable data provided by Teacher Skill Analytics to groom teachers to optimize their performance plays a vital role. Schools also utilize data to identify attrition risks of teachers, additional role capability, teaching staff, and policy concerns. Furthermore, these school leaders have groomed their teachers better than other schools with the help of in-depth analysis provided by Teacher Skill Analytics.

Branding and Publicity

Successful schools use Teacher Skills Analytics to showcase skilled teachers and leadership of principal in better way. This way, they increase the brand name of the school. It increases inflow of professional teachers wanting to be part of the institution and gives the school better chance to lead the future generation with better supply & usage of resources and ideas. This in-turn increases the satisfaction of students, parents, and also of the teachers. Successful schools have better chance in leading other schools in terms of results of the students, job satisfaction of their teachers, and triumphant parents leading to unparalleled publicity.

Better Staff Control

Branding and publicity goes hand in hand when the staff is in sync with the principal. For schools having more than 50 teachers, it becomes increasingly unmanageable for the principal to keep a track of each teacher and evaluate their skills. With Teacher Skill Analytics, principals of successful schools get intelligence and derive policies to run the school better. Teacher Skills Analytics helps to build strategies & methods for teaching staff. It also indicates small trifles teachers may have with their peers.

Successful schools undergo the same difficulties and situations as the other schools. But by taking advantage of Teacher Skills Analytics, they overcome their problems and in-turn save time and money and stay ahead as compared to their competitors.

Attrition Management

A single teacher leaving a school costs 200% (2 times) of the annual salary of the teacher. You can imagine how much would be the loss to the school if even 5% of the teachers leave every year. It must be noted that the average annual attrition in schools is 25%. How can a school address this problem?

The Teacher Skill Analytics gives visibility on attrition to the principal and management committee as they come to understand which teachers may be uncertain to continue with institute and due to what reason. This is useful as the school leaders can take swift but strategic response on whether they want to put efforts to retain a teacher or to focus on replacement. This is possible because Teacher Skills Analytics provides ‘skills-to-salary’ mapping, thereby helping the school leader to take data-driven decisions. This is effective to minimize the risk that can be caused by unavailability of a staff or retaining the wrong staff. Based on Teachers Skills Analytics, the schools we are associated with, take steps in advance and can reduce teacher attrition by almost 50%. They could save minimum 8-16 lakhs/per year by taking timely steps.

About the author:

Nikhil Yeruru is psychology major who is working with myNalanda research team. This blog post shares the findings of myNalanda research while working with schools across India. Nikhil is instrumental in designing the assessments and understanding psyche of the teachers and principals. His area of interest lies in understanding human emotions and their role in the work they do and the choices they make. 

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