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We are one of the very few companies who use data analytics technology in education. Come and join us in our exciting journey to make difference in education. Employment and internship at myNalanda are very rewarding and enriching experience!

Employment is performance and skill-based at myNalanda. This means that we focus more on your relevant experience, skills, and performance – not as much as on the degree you hold. We expect our employees share the same passion, drive, and urgency with which we work at myNalanda. We focus on grooming our employees which means that they are allowed to make mistakes; but expected to learn from them fast and improvise.

To work with us, you must have an interest to work in Education sector and data analytics technology. You must be able to work independently and assume responsibilities, and have desire to constantly learn. We value framework-level thinking skills and ability to catch the patterns in data. Our employment is incentive-based. So you not only earn the salary but also enjoy share from success.

Our internships are goal-oriented and driven. This means that as an intern, you are NOT a mere witness to our working. You actually are working along with our team members and sharing equally important roles and responsibilities. Our interns learn a lot by taking share from our work. It’s a serious work.However, this does not leave the FUN part out of the game. We are a team – interns or employees. We are equally serious at FUN part too. Check out some of the pics from our team dinners. Also, check out what some of the IIT-interns have to say about internship experience at myNalanda.

If meaningful work, loads of learning, friendly work culture, and data analytics is what you are looking for, feel free to write to us with your resume and the role at Our team would get back to you shortly.

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