Difference between Yesterday’s & Today’s Education

There is a paradigm shift from yesterday’s education to today’s education. The shift is in the perspective student look at the education or for that matter parents expects education to be. The expectation from education has shifted from Information Delivery to Knowledge Creation.

I still remember how we, as kids, used to ask many questions to parents and the kind of responses we used to get from most of our parents. Those responses were not much helpful to address our curiosities. We grew up with that void in us. When we had children we did not want our children to face the same
void. We, as parents, wanted to satisfy our kid’s curiosity. We started addressing those curious questions from our kids. Thanks to many information sources, including the internet, which came to our assistance to support our drive.

When we send our kids to school, we want school to address pupil’s curiosity too. That is the driver behind the paradigm shift in education. Yesterday, we used to know ‘what’ part of the puzzle. Today, our kids want to know ‘why’ and ‘how’ of it. It is a great sign and all of us need to gear up for it, if we haven’t yet.

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