Indian Education: 5 Important News in 2013

myNalanda lists the top five news that are going to shape and decide educational landscape in coming years.

CBSE opened the school assessment to the private firms to provide assessment services

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In a welcome and much-needed move, CBSE allowed private firms to provide school assessment services. This means that schools can now approach private firms for their assessment requirements. This will broaden the scope of assessment for the schools that are open and willing to grow beyond the formal
compliance mandate of the board. With this, school would have more freedom to explore more aspects of school assessment.  

Teacher’s Eligibility Test (TET) made a foray in most of the states

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While there is still an on-going debate in the teachers community on the relevance of TET, after its introduction in 2011, TET is has been adopted by most of the states in India. The coming years will tell us how much TET has contributed to improve the quality of education.

Quality Education Study report by Wipro and Education Initiatives’ highlighted the concerning trends in urban private education

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All is not going that well in urban private education in India. This report categorically pinpoints the areas where things are not going so well. The reported trends are concerning. It is time when parents and teachers sit and take notice of these findings.

Sweeping reforms recommended in teachers education by a high-powered commission appointed by the Supreme Court and headed by former Chief Justice of India J S Verma

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If some of the recommendations by this committee are the indications to go by, teachers education may get included in the ambit of higher education. myNalanda believes that such a move would be very fruitful for quality education and for professional growth of teachers.

Impressive technologies becoming available to education sector

With cloud computing becoming a commercially available technology, it has emerged as a platform for many sectors, including the education sector, to realize larger and wider saving opportunities to achieve operational efficiency.
With mobile devices becoming smarter and the cost of internet on mobile devices becoming cheaper, mobile technology is emerging as another effective platform for educational sector to reach out parents, teachers, and in relevant cases students to make education relevant.

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