Is your school providing output-focussed education?

Summer vacations are over. Parents, schools, and students are getting started with the new academic year. Until now from the last 3- 4 months, we must have seen many pamphlets, newspaper advertisements, and hoardings about school admissions. Content in these advertisements is always very typical. To be precise, it is always input-focussed. On the contrary, it must be very much output-focussed. Let me explain what I mean.

focussed education

Most of the advertisements showcase the infrastructure, sport facilities, transport facilities, location, and similar such details. The maximum they go in quoting any precise numbers are in mentioning student-teacher ratio and academic results. But we must understand that these are all inputs into the school system. Their mere availability does not guarantee quality education (which is an output). These inputs do not also make the school standout in comparison of other schools (which also is an output from organizational differentiation point of view). It is no surprise then that all schools vouching and promoting based on such inputs (facilities) sound same.

Imagine a school which promotes itself on output it produce. And I am not talking about academic results or celebrity alumni here. I am talking about bare back bones of educational outputs such as, Conceptual Understanding, Problem Solving, Thought Originality, Ability to Express own thoughts, social skills. Imagine in what light parents will see such a school that says we take your kid from one level of conceptual understanding to another. What would parents think when school says that it strives to bring out his/her original ideas. And there are many more such parameters that school can share with parents. Now that is what I call quality learning outcome or output-focus of education. I am sure; we all would like to see our kids in such schools.

About myNalanda

myNalanda is a research-based organization that provide output-focussed assessment to schools. We have observed that some schools do really good job in developing above-mentioned core skills to some extent. However, they lack a systematic and scientific data to share with parents. myNalanda’s assessment brings out such hidden gems from schools’ efforts and share them with schools and parents so that they together can build an objective and progressive dialog on delivering and receiving output-focussed quality education. 

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