What myNalanda does for Schools and Parents?

Parents are concerned about their kids’ education. Likewise, schools are concerned about running an organization that delivers quality education. Parents and schools are connected. Apart from the obvious connection of educational service provider and educational service receiver, there is one more thing they are connected about. It is that they both are concerned about ‘something’.
When anyone or any organization is concern about something, they are essentially talking about Identifying-Avoiding-Addressing the problems associated with the ‘concerned area’ of interest.
The following info graphics shows how this Identifying-Avoiding-Addressing dynamics plays out for parents and schools.


​Problems associated with the concerns of parents and schools takes 80% of the time to identify, avoid, verify, and prioritize. That leaves almost no time (only 20%) to address them. This gives rise to more problems as many of them are not addressed well.
With myNalanda’s assessment solutions, we do identifying, avoiding, verifying, and prioritizing for you. That gives you the most time to address the problems.

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